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SUAV is the home of a magnificent selection of traditional artifacts from around the world. The Art ANATOLIA range was conceived by Çiğdem Simavi to offer the best in traditional Anatolian arts and crafts to a worldwide clientele.

Here you will find perfect copies of Hittite, Byzantine and Ottoman Jewellery culled from private collections, exact reproductions of İznik and Kütahya tiles and pottery, "exquisite tombaks " - copper-gilt Ottoman items - and exact replicas of Ottoman finials, called "Alem" in Turkish. Elegant silverware from the Ottoman table sparkles in the light of huge candleholders from ancient churches and mosques. Our hand-painted calligraphy items - Tughras, imperial edicts, prayers - have been faithfully copied by a master calligrapher and reproduced on specially aged paper. Archaeological replicas include fragments of columns, pedestals and god-heads from the museums of Ephesus, Manisa and Pergamon. Sufi images in Indian ink stand beside watercolour copies from the album of costumes by Fenerci Mehmed depicting a variety of characters in their particular garb.

Our carefully chosen items include excellent reproductions of ancient Roman " souffle " glass bottles, serge lanterns with embossed metal tops, copper " hammam " bowls and polychrome copper trays depicting various views of 19th century İstanbul. These and many more surprises are elegantly displayed in our stunnning gallery.

Lending its support to the cottage industry, the gallery offers an exclusive selection of hand-knitted strips suitable as colourful edging to elegant items of clothing or linen; a tastefully colourful range of these strips adorns the edges of our traditional hand-blocked cotton scarves. Our textiles include a selection of the finest wool shawls in sophisticated hues, cotton "hammam" towels and cushion covers inspired by antique tiles and carpets.

Please Contact us for more information and details.

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