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  • Competition - 31 January 2002 (Closing date)

    The art of miniature painting reached its apotheosis in Turkey in the 16th century. Two main styles were popular, namely the Persian and the Ottoman style. While the Persian style is rich in ornamentation and very fine details, the Ottoman style is straight forward and easy to follow. Küsav, the Foundation for Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, is promoting a competition open to all Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Architecture students entitled. The aim is to revive the art of miniature painting by using this art form to depict present-day themes. A4 size drawings, paintings or watercolours must be submitted to Küsav, 24-26 Köybaşı Cad. Yeniköy, 80870 Istanbul, not later than 31st January 2002. The winners will be contacted by February 14th. Work submitted will not be returned. Please make sure your name, address, e-mail and telephone number are clearly indicated on the back of your submission. The winner of the first prize may be offered the opportunity of doing some art work for a forthcoming book. Selected entries will be exhibited in an art gallery in Istanbul.

    Jury Members:

    Çiğdem Simavi President of Küsav
    Tomur Atagök Prof. Dr. Yıldız University
    Gül İrepoğlu Prof. Dr. Istanbul University
    Ömer Koç Collector
    P.G. Raman Prof. Dr. Istanbul Technical University

    Prices :

    First Price : 500.000.000 TL.
    Second Price : 300.000.000 TL.
    Third Price : 200.000.000 TL.

  • Exhibition - 1 February - 18 February 2002

    Ismail Acar
    "Kaftans of the Sultans"

    Please Contact us for more information and details.

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